Since their very first days alive, Ziiryans have proven themselves as tough survivors of difficult conditions. They lived under the harsh rule of demons, demons who the Ziiryans worshipped as gods. They were used as enforcers and hard labourers, and decades of slavery passed before finally there was a revolt. Ziiryans fled into the mountains and held out against their oppressors there.

Over time, as the war turned in their favour and they destroyed the demons once and for all, settlements that began as outposts and camps had dug in so deeply that they simply became cities. Hollowed into the mountainside, their great stone cities remain hidden from the world and impervious to most attacks. The race split into city-based tribal society, and they stayed in the mountains for years. This tactic almost got them all killed. There wasn’t enough food for the growing species, and eventually they established trade routes between nearby major cities to feed and clothe their people.

This state is what the world finds Ziiryans in at the present day.

Physical Description

Ziiryans are big and hardy people, larger than the average human. Both sexes have a large amount of hair growth, with a large mane on their backs that connects to their head from their neck, furry forearms, and calves down to the tops of their feet. They also have hair on their chests, but it tends to be finer and softer than hair elsewhere. The females are larger and their coats are shaggier, while the males are shorter and their coats more fine. Both species have heavier bone structures, ones which are designed to not break except under impossible pressures.

Gender Height Weight
Female +7 inches to avg. human height 260 lbs
Male +5 inches to avg. human height 195 lbs

Society: Ziiryan society is much the same between cities. Though they don’t often visit each other except to trade, all Ziiryans coexist under the knowledge that the cosmos is empty and without each other they would be lost. There is very little internal strife, including crime, and when it happens it is a big deal. Citizens of a specific city all have a passing familiarity with one another, and there are no Ziiryans who form no social attachments. Friends and family are extremely important to Ziiryans, becoming communities in and of themselves. Raising children is a community effort, but though children are exposed to many others they still feel a deep connection to their parents. Ziiryans are primarily hunters and gatherers, as there is very little in the way of edible plants that they can grow in the frigid mountains they call their home.

Relations: Ziiryans are generally distrustful of other races, especially ones who in the past have shown large amounts of ties to gods and goddesses. They treat all races well, but the ones who come under closest scrutiny are humans and elves. If a Ziiryan has left home to dwell among the other races for any reason they are often attracted to out-of-place races. Half-orcs, half-elves, and anyone else who the dominant races would like to forget exists are the ones they turn to. All Ziiryans respect the dwarves, seeing much of themselves in them, and will extend aid to nearby dwarf settlements if they are in need of help, theism or not.

Alignment and Religion: Because of their history with the false “gods” they experienced, Ziiryans swore off religion forever as the “chains of fools and children who need guidance.” They instead turned to themselves, believing in the strength of the united group and, ultimately, in the abilities of the individual. Ziiryans who achieve great things for themselves are respected and shown as examples to the young. Children are exposed to a wide variety of careers and occupations to help them figure out what they wish to do, and there is no shame applied to certain careers in deference to others. In fact, their belief in the power of the individual has become so fanatical it can be argued it has become a religion in and of itself.

Ziiryans are not often moved to passionate levels in either direction. They are unlikely to become Chaotic or Lawful, because either involves pledging themselves to a cause (which some do). Ziiryan clerics and paladins stand for antitheism and the removal of all religion from the lives of people in order to show them that without their safety net they can fly just fine.

Adventurers: Many Ziiryans try to make their glory come in the form of fame and fortune among the other races of men. Whether they wish to stand as a champion or manipulate the “lesser” races, these will pack up and leave the mountain for the nearest cities. This pilgrimage is often the fate of the Chaotic children of the Ziiryans. On the darker side, some Ziiryans find a god or goddess which speaks for them and, unless they keep their fate a secret which most choose not to do, are exiled from their city home. These people will head for people who feel the same as they do about their god, as Ziiryans wish to be close to like-minded individuals which they can call their new family.

Male names: Roark, Leif, Yeren, Siid, Raavd
Female names: Xia, Yiir, Lindi, H√ľnd, Diane

Racial Traits

Basic Racial Traits
  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Ziiryans recieve a +2 to STR and CON for being a hardy people, but a -2 to WIS, because for all their belief in the strength of the average person they lack the ability to predict the affects their actions will have far in the future.
  • Size: Ziiryans count as Medium and thus recieve no bonusses or penalties.
  • Type: Ziiryans count as Monstrous Humanoids.
  • Base Speed: Ziiryans have a base land speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: Ziiryans begin play speaking Ziiryan. If they have an INT score of above ten, Ziiryans may choose from the following languages: Giant, Gnoll, Abyssal, Terran, Aklo, Cyclops, or Dwarven.
Special Racial Traits
  • Deathless Spirit: Ziiryans have a 5/negative energy DR, and they have a +2 to save vs. death effects, negative energy, and spells and spell-like abilities based in the Necromancy school. In addition, Ziiryans do not lose HP upon negative levels.
  • Bond of the Land: Ziiryans recieve a +2 Dodge bonus to their AC when in the Mountain (including Hills) terrain, as the Ranger ability.


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