Campaign Ideas

The Darke Chapters

  • Dark magitech England-type setting. Open areas changed to narrow streets with mostly stone * architecture. Multi-tiered streets, districts maybe separated by walls. Oppressive, cramped, claustrophobic. Police are corrupt, the Queen is quite possibly a robot.
  • Colour schemes are black/navy blue, dark brown, and sickly green.
  • Inspirations are stuff like Thief (all of them), Dishonoured, BioShock: Infinite, and Paranoia (the tabletop game system)

Sisters of the Unfortunate Accuracy

  • An order of nuns dedicated to solving crimes exists in whatever universe.
  • Restrictions at character creation are “females only”

The Wet, Wild Adventures of Wendy Waterbird: The Attack of the Terror of the Giant Zombie Alien Monsters!

  • A campaign based entirely around tropes, themes, and over-the-top aesthetic of old b-movie or exploitation films.
  • Each “episode” should be a genre. Combine at own risk, genres are known to be volatile.

Food-themed world.

  • Cucumber Quest, Candyland, or other mundane food lands. People have adventures.
  • Enemies are rot, mold, hungry people, carnivorous animals?

Like Mass Effect, But

  • Player (singular) is an AI on a ship (for multiple players, being the crew is an option)
  • Get missions, perform as an AI, get control of many aspects of the ship to do job admirably or completely destroy entire ship
  • crew manifest and recon of planets/missions is extremely important


  • Continents become uninhabitable for some reason (my chosen reason is bellicose society foaming over and exploding)
  • People leave to live on a collection of boats out in the sea
  • Resort to piracy from land nations due to bitterness over both frequent attacks and general awful treatment

Campaign Ideas

The Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen Grimdork Grimdork